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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Damn! I used to be so addicted to this song then I totally forgotten about it until last sunday, I heard it playing in subway and I was trying to remember WHO SANG THIS SONG!!! It took me about few hours after then only I could remember the band. It was the RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS!! :D

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Future??

Yeah so I just got my A-levels result on the 8th of March
How was it?
Well I'm pretty much satisfied as I won't be continuing in the science stream anymore.
Because the minimum entry requirement for most art degrees is just 2 passes in A-levels.
Yeah, I was actually hoping for an A a B and a C
A: Mathematics
B: Biology
C: Chemistry

Buttttt I only managed to get an A for Maths.
Biology and Chemistry??
Yeah, I won't post my result here cuz it's just too embarrassing. LOL I'll just leave that to your imagination XD
But I'm pretty much happy bout my result. No regrets-- YET

The future??

I'm planning to do a degree in Banking & Finance

Cause firstly, it's a course involving numbers and a bit of calculations
Yeah, I kinda love maths
AND my uncle works in a bank and his life had been pretty much stable. Who doesn't like stability right? :D

Yeah this is the million-dollar-question
I haven't made up my mind yet but basically I've narrowed down to ONE place--- HELP UNIVERSITY
They have this external/3+0 Banking and Finance degree in collaboration with University of London, UK
My dad asked me to join their degree course in May but I still have to find out more about the course and more about the PTPTN loan.
Also, my dad asked me to ask my two elder sisters to help to pay for my tuition fees for my first sem--- Let's just see what will happen after I ask them
Haizzz.. I'm such a burden :(

Anyway, anywho, anyhow GOD will always show me the way :)
He has a plan for me you know? ;)

Alrighty! That's all from me now!

<3 Wendy Ong

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Life, As A Kindergarten Teacher

7.15 am
Alrightttttt this is the time that I usually wake up
So early right :( I know

8.00 am
Around this time I'll be in the kindergarten itself starting my day :)

8.00 - 9.00 am
This is the time that I conduct the Peter and Jane reading session
It brings back a lot of memories back then right? :)
I'll track the students progress, write down what words they can't read and etc..
Some of them are really good readers and some not so. Those who could not really read the words have to repeat reading the same page the following day.

9.10 - 9.15 am
Yeah It's the time the children go downstairs to sing nursery rhymes like twinkle twinkle little star, Mary had a little lamb and etc..
Damn I'm turning 20 and STILL singing these songs ==

9.15 - 11.55 am
This is when classes begin.
There are 5 classes in the kindergarten namely Pre-nursery (3 year olds), Nursery (4 year olds), K1 (lower level 5 year olds), K2 (higher level 5 year olds) and K3 (6 year olds)
The class that I HATE going into is the Pre-nursery class. It's really more like baby-sitting them. All they wanna do is colour and NOTHING ELSE
It's just so boring
Ohh yeah, I teach English btw :)

11.55 - 2.00 pm
Some of the students will go back at 12 and some will go back at 2 or 5 pm
So, those who goes back at 2 or 5 pm will eat their lunches at this time and then after, they will go and shower.
This is the time that I eat too :)
One of the perks of being a kindergarten teacher is that I get to eat for free :)
Usually after their shower, I'll be in charge of arts and crafts and sometimes English lessons

2.00 - 3.00 pm
At this time, most of the students have gone back already those who stays until 5 pm will usually take their naps at this time so the place is pretty empty after 2.
This is when I do my daily reports and sharpened all the pencils and colour pencils

3.00 pm
Yeah! The best time of the day :)
The time that my shift is over!!!

Ohh yeah, did I tell you guys??? I got another tuition gig on every Tuesday RM3O/hour baybeee :))))))))))))))))))

Alright, I think that's all for today from me
Good night people :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My New Job

Don't laugh kayyyy
But I'm now a kindergarten teacher :OOOOOOOOOOO
I know right? I'm like the last person on earth to be a kindy teacher XD

Well it all began like this.....

A week after completing my last A-levels paper, I tried looking for a job in Wangsa Walk Mall and Alpha Angle.
After applying for a few positions, I waited and waited AND WAITED but no reply :(
So I gave up on that..

Then, I found a job as like a through-the-telephone-surveyor..
The guy told me you can earn a lot that is if you're hard-working
They pay you per survey made
But it didn't go as planned as usual.. I could only manage to earn at AT MOST RM40 a day after working for 8 hours.
So, I decided to leave after 3 or 4 days of working there.

Then, my mum who was teaching Speech &Drama in a nearby kindergarten told me that there was a vacancy there.. So I applied..
Well, I got the job the pay is really low Only RM750 per month
But I eventually took it just cause I was so desperate for a job :S

My first day was so hectic
The children there are so needy.. They will always demand for your attention..
Imagine, 15 children in a class calling for you OMGGGGGG
Really lahhh so pening kepala on the first day...
Right after coming back home, I showered and took a nap straight away XD
But now I think I got used to the craziness so I think I CAN DO IT :)

Oh yeah, I'm also a tuition teacher teaching PMR science since I have so much of time on my hands as I only work from Monday to Friday (8.00 am to 3.00 pm)
And guess what????
I'm getting paid RM3o per hour!!!!!!!!!!
I got a raise!
Last time I was only earning RM25 per hour!

Yup I think that's all I can say about my new job haha

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Favourite Christian Song Ever!

For god so loved the world, I find it written
In verse sixteen, John's gospel chapter three
He gave his son, Who was for sinners smitten
When nailed upon the cross of Calvary

Such wondrous love! It passes human knowledge
For Jesus died that we might ever live
Eternal life, That none need ever perish
This life to all believing souls He now will give <3

This song brings me to tears because of how much God loves us :')

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mizz Nina - Take over (acoustic version)

Life As It Is Part 2

Hey guys!!!! I know that it's been like about 3 months since my last post and yeah I miss you guys too XD

My life so far??

Well, I just completed my FINAL A-levels exams on the 1st of feb 2012..
How was it?? If anyone asked me that question, I would just say "no comment" lol

So, with the completion of my A-levels exam, I regained custody of my (taken over by mum) laptop :D
Yeah, I'm quite happy bout that but I need to buy my own laptop before starting my degree if not, my mum will definitely repossess it again and again
I just can't live with that

So what am I doing now you ask??
I'm just rotting away at home -- doing nothing
Yeah, but I'm definitely going to find a job somewhere around this week
Maybe continue working in TGI Fridays during my sem break -- I dunnoooooo

The future??
Dunno, see my results first XD
That's what I always say when someone asks me what I'm gonna do after A-levels
I'm definitely not taking anything that is medical or science related because I suck in biology and chemistry..
So maybe I'm gonna take something that involves calculations -- cause that's the only that I'm good at :( maybe accounting???
Well, GOD ALWAYS HAS A PLAN FOR ME :))))))))))
So I'll just leave my future in the arms of GOD