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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Week

  1. MONDAY: Ughhhh today is the start of my frikin trials. I sat for my maths C1 paper as well as my biology 3B paper. I felt the paper was okay la. But I dunno.. Maybe I'm wrong XD. I drove to college today eversince my mum told me that she will be giving me her car for me to drive to college (Thanks GOD for answering my prayers hallelujah!! love ya! muackss!) :D
  2. TUESDAY: TRIALS TRIALS, your always on my mind. When I'm doing something other than studying, I feel really guilty! Haizz.. Hmm.. Well, I sat for my chemistry 4 paper and my maths C2 paper. Ughhhh FUCK THAT CHEMISTRY PAPER!!!! WITH ALL THAT STUDYING THAT KIND OF QUESTIONS CAME OUT!!! SCREW YOU!!!!!! GO DIE!! Apart from that, C2 was okay laa. But there was one ridiculous question about the volume of some tray :(
  3. WEDNESDAY: BIOLOGY 4! Ughh... another let down :( I mean, the question was okay la but i did'nt manage to finish it :(((((((((((( Damn! I lost a lotta marks there. Haizz haizz.. Thank GOD its only trials :) If Its the real thing, I AM TOTALLY SCREWED!!
    Then after, I saw YOU
    ♥ ♥ ♥
  4. THURSDAY: This is the last day of my trials. Chemistry 3B is my last paper of this crappy week. I felt the paper was okay laa... But I'm sure my result will prove otherwise :( Im actually writing this today :) hahaa so let's see whats ahead of us :D
  5. FRIDAY: Hmmm whats in store for me tomorrow?? Hmm I might have lunch with my granny but other than that I think I'll just be chilling out at home :)
  6. SATURDAY: Well, I've been invited to go for an easter celebration in a church near campus. I think I'm going :)
  7. SUNDAY: Like all sundays, I'll go to church in the morning and maybe after I'll do some much needed shopping :))))))))))))))

With love,
Wendy Ong

Get Out Of My Head!!!

Please get outta my head
I can't stop picturing your incredibly cute face
Your in my mind every second
every minute
and everyday ♥ ♥ ♥

I got a car!!!

(well, the car is practically mine now XD)

No more LRT
No more shuttle buses
No more going home late after college


But the parking is killinggggggggg
But its okay


Hehehehehehhehe :P

Monday, April 11, 2011


Mummy, please let me drive to college again
Please don't oppress me from driving
Please don't force me to take the LRT back from college everyday
I miss driving to college
Heck, I even miss the 7 a.m jam in the morning
Please oh Please
Let me drive to college again