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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reminiscing The Past

I used to be so obsessed with this song when I was like12!
I used to remember all of the lyrics of this song, including the rapping part XD

Hello My Dear Readers!!!!!!

Wow! I just noticed that I have loads of readers from around the world!

I just wanna say 'thank you' to you guys for reading my blog :) and sorry also cause most of my blog posts are really short
(I'm really lazy to type really long posts XD)

Ohh wait! I'm being rude! I should introduce myself to you guys first :)
I'm Wendy, I'm from a country called Malaysia and I'm 19 this year :)))))))))))
Ouhhh don't be shy you guys! You guys are most welcomed to leave a comment! - You guys are encouraged too XD

So just holla kay!

Life As It Is

It's been like forever since my last post
Sorry guys :S
So this was what happened recently:

1. Well, my laptop just got fixed after it was invaded by virus
(this was the main reason why I could not go online)
I could only last for that long without the internet
The repair costed about RM500!! - Thanks daddy!!!
So expensive right!!!
The repairman told me that my LED & OS is screwed up
So he had to change the ENTIRE laptop screen which costed about RM380, then he re-installed the windows which costed about RM70 and then he installed an antivirus software which costed about RM60..
So the grand total was about RM510!!!!!!!!!

2. I just finished sitting for my A-level trials exam
How did I fare in it: I think I did horribly in it :S This was the result of my last-minute studying
Damn! I ought to start studying for the real exams soon! - January btw
If not, I'll be totally screwed!
Ugh.. In addition to that, I'm retaking another 2 extra units from my previous semesters because I scored really low in it ==

3. I went shopping for my prom!!
First, I went to Sri Hartamas to buy my prom dress
I got a really sweet deal for my dress
It was on promo! 50% off man!!!!!!
I bought a belt there too for my dress
They gave me another 15% discount for my belt just cause I'm a student
Damn! I'm so lucky!!!!
After that, I went to buy some accessories in the newly-opened KL Festival City in Setapak
I bought a pair of earrings and a really cool bangle/bracelet thing

Hmmm... I think I've covered almost all that happened
Sorry for the short post
I kinda feel really lazy to type such a long post right now
It's 1.47 a.m on a sunday
Goshhh I really should be sleeping now since I have to go to church tomorrow
Well, goodnight peeps!!!