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Monday, February 6, 2012

Life As It Is Part 2

Hey guys!!!! I know that it's been like about 3 months since my last post and yeah I miss you guys too XD

My life so far??

Well, I just completed my FINAL A-levels exams on the 1st of feb 2012..
How was it?? If anyone asked me that question, I would just say "no comment" lol

So, with the completion of my A-levels exam, I regained custody of my (taken over by mum) laptop :D
Yeah, I'm quite happy bout that but I need to buy my own laptop before starting my degree if not, my mum will definitely repossess it again and again
I just can't live with that

So what am I doing now you ask??
I'm just rotting away at home -- doing nothing
Yeah, but I'm definitely going to find a job somewhere around this week
Maybe continue working in TGI Fridays during my sem break -- I dunnoooooo

The future??
Dunno, see my results first XD
That's what I always say when someone asks me what I'm gonna do after A-levels
I'm definitely not taking anything that is medical or science related because I suck in biology and chemistry..
So maybe I'm gonna take something that involves calculations -- cause that's the only that I'm good at :( maybe accounting???
Well, GOD ALWAYS HAS A PLAN FOR ME :))))))))))
So I'll just leave my future in the arms of GOD

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