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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My New Job

Don't laugh kayyyy
But I'm now a kindergarten teacher :OOOOOOOOOOO
I know right? I'm like the last person on earth to be a kindy teacher XD

Well it all began like this.....

A week after completing my last A-levels paper, I tried looking for a job in Wangsa Walk Mall and Alpha Angle.
After applying for a few positions, I waited and waited AND WAITED but no reply :(
So I gave up on that..

Then, I found a job as like a through-the-telephone-surveyor..
The guy told me you can earn a lot that is if you're hard-working
They pay you per survey made
But it didn't go as planned as usual.. I could only manage to earn at AT MOST RM40 a day after working for 8 hours.
So, I decided to leave after 3 or 4 days of working there.

Then, my mum who was teaching Speech &Drama in a nearby kindergarten told me that there was a vacancy there.. So I applied..
Well, I got the job the pay is really low Only RM750 per month
But I eventually took it just cause I was so desperate for a job :S

My first day was so hectic
The children there are so needy.. They will always demand for your attention..
Imagine, 15 children in a class calling for you OMGGGGGG
Really lahhh so pening kepala on the first day...
Right after coming back home, I showered and took a nap straight away XD
But now I think I got used to the craziness so I think I CAN DO IT :)

Oh yeah, I'm also a tuition teacher teaching PMR science since I have so much of time on my hands as I only work from Monday to Friday (8.00 am to 3.00 pm)
And guess what????
I'm getting paid RM3o per hour!!!!!!!!!!
I got a raise!
Last time I was only earning RM25 per hour!

Yup I think that's all I can say about my new job haha

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