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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Future??

Yeah so I just got my A-levels result on the 8th of March
How was it?
Well I'm pretty much satisfied as I won't be continuing in the science stream anymore.
Because the minimum entry requirement for most art degrees is just 2 passes in A-levels.
Yeah, I was actually hoping for an A a B and a C
A: Mathematics
B: Biology
C: Chemistry

Buttttt I only managed to get an A for Maths.
Biology and Chemistry??
Yeah, I won't post my result here cuz it's just too embarrassing. LOL I'll just leave that to your imagination XD
But I'm pretty much happy bout my result. No regrets-- YET

The future??

I'm planning to do a degree in Banking & Finance

Cause firstly, it's a course involving numbers and a bit of calculations
Yeah, I kinda love maths
AND my uncle works in a bank and his life had been pretty much stable. Who doesn't like stability right? :D

Yeah this is the million-dollar-question
I haven't made up my mind yet but basically I've narrowed down to ONE place--- HELP UNIVERSITY
They have this external/3+0 Banking and Finance degree in collaboration with University of London, UK
My dad asked me to join their degree course in May but I still have to find out more about the course and more about the PTPTN loan.
Also, my dad asked me to ask my two elder sisters to help to pay for my tuition fees for my first sem--- Let's just see what will happen after I ask them
Haizzz.. I'm such a burden :(

Anyway, anywho, anyhow GOD will always show me the way :)
He has a plan for me you know? ;)

Alrighty! That's all from me now!

<3 Wendy Ong

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